Grooming services and costs

$5 off first groom

At Pride & Groom only premium natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, Nature’s Specialties shampoos that are not tested on animals are used. Dogs are pampered by being bathed in a deep cleansing, hydro surge, massaging bath. Our shop is clean, modern, welcoming, and situated in the heart of River Heights. Upon entering, everyone is immediately put at ease through the playing of relaxing music and the use lavender aromatherapy throughout the shop. Dogs are given an appointment time in which they are groomed and finished within 2 hours, 3 for larger dogs. They are not kenneled unnecessarily for hours while waiting, and owners are called immediately upon completion. For the safety of your pet, dogs and cats are kenneled until picked up - dogs not able to be kenneled have the luxury of doggie waiting area.

As with most things in life first impressions are crucial. So as soon as your puppy has all of its shots, Pride & Groom is ready to allow your dog to emBARK on a life long journey of enjoyable stress-free grooming. Please do not leave your puppy until it has mats, come in for a meet and greet or a little trim which will initiate your puppy gently into an essential part of its life. In addition to grooming, we are also proud to offer a doggie day care and overnight care.

Dog grooming

Full groom includes bath, fluff dry, nails trimmed and filed, ears cleaned and a custom or breed trim. Since we meet all of our valued costumers, we are also able to tailor every one of our trims to personal preferred specifications outlined to us when you drop your pet off. We do not do anal glands – this should only be done by a vet IF needed.

Short hair Chihuahua $50
Small dog $70
Medium dog $80+
Large $90+
Extra large $130+
Face trim $15+
Feet trim $15+
Bath only $30+
Medicated bath $10
De-shed (per half hour) $30
Colouring $10+
Teeth brush $12
Nail trim and dremel $15
Full pawdicure (includes filing) $15
Bath only depending on size $25+
BFF (butt, face, feet) $25+
Intro to puppy groom $35+
Loyalty Program 10% off every 4 weeks

Feathers, bandanas, bows, and gems available on request.

Cat grooming

Brush $30+
Shave $65+
Sanitary trim (genitals) $20
Lion trim $80+
Stencilling $10
Nails $15
No drugs are used so the groom depends on cat’s temperament
Bath is extra